Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Enter Ramadhan

Hummm what a faster rolling days, why? because by the end of this week we-moeslems are going to enter the special month called Ramadhan, when the fellowship of it learn to take a deep breath for every passion in doing wrong. On this month usually GOD give you some treatment so that u can closer than before with HIM. Feels lovely to do that, coz we have to struggle enough in practice that. The great one HE give some gift for those who become HIS follower. The moment you never know when it'll be come to you. And for those who having that experience is the most lucky personal. Coz u will feel something extravagant u never been felt before.

Last year HE gave me a great panorama outside the mosque where I did Tarawih (already mention it on last year notes). It feels great, kinda GOD are watching for you in the closest view.It's so Subhanallah - can't explain with words i guess...but that's the way it is. So if you having great moment on that month that'll unforgetable just keep it in your mind and heart. Coz it's awesome though ... :)

Woff GOD thank's for every miracle You've thrown to people (like me).
Btw for the readers i just wanna say have a bright day on this ramadhan yeah. May GOD bless U always :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


I just know if somebody live with lot of mystery so does the life will gonna be the same too.
So it will be okay if someday you sharing some of your secret to the very...very closest friend of you. So the mystery will be opening one by one without your predict. Dun forget to pray before doing all - i mean when u decided to open some story to your friend or whoever it is. So that GOD will be hand of us too :).

Well actually i did learn from it too several times ago. Feels so brighten when you open that things, even yes someday it's very hard to know the feedback from your friend about the topic we told 'em. In other hand some little liberty there...waiting for us to catch that door. So that we could take a breath in smooth way.

Woff hopefully with this little step we do, the big mystery outta gonna open and give us the answer of everything. Amien :)