Monday, April 27, 2009

waiting for...

What a life! living in a messy world that every one can purchase yourself based on one of humanity basic needs. It needs to pretend your self for still alive, meaning your job. On it there's a things called management. How the management can working ideal with the mission of company. Indeed it's an important object to release inside, so that you can beat and be the winner outside.
How can the company becoming a winner if inside of that there are no trust for the employee in exploring their job. Someday people said that We Are Playing in Easy Harmony, but what you get inside?...
No trustworthy means you dead...That's why so many company burnt down before get the joyful moment.
We know that working world full of battle right and left, even from your own friends. But hey watch them just for make something better in the future. They've got their own reason to be mean. Till the date coming, just be a watcher and waiting for the right moment to act.
The last but not least just wanna say don't scare to face what will be happen, GOD have a reason to HIS creature when give you position somewhere. GANBATE!
Every little things have a purposing behind the act, we're human just can think and trying to fix something wrong, someday act too not in heavy capacity. But if those mistaken couldn't fix by us, then it's something you have to do directly with GOD.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Hmmmpfff....that's what I've been doing after this two days my mind really get crush with script panel and those stories...
What a two days crazy but hey however moi still addicted in script writer world and comical sphere. Hohoho.... might be I'm the one who crazy in writing a script..wewww
Otherwise now is Friday, it means time for having fun after work. Yipikayey!!! I'm gonna play arround to catch some socialite atmosphere somewhere that i can make my view in delight mode.
Let's hanging arroung find new person out the work time.
Rockin' huh?! yeap hunt here... hunt there and find out happiness in coincidental areas.
Enjoy those time then ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I sat in my desk...and in a moment while my hand stood on keyboard with searching my mind send a message to whisper some name.
Something inside push me harder to do it
So I said one names (won't tell here, just me and GOD know it)
Several time later hey it names showed up in my email inbox
What an amazing
Is he listen to it? or juz coincidental movement?...

Monday, April 6, 2009

pleisure momento

What a pleisure moment we had at some place in Pejaten Raya called Salihara. This picture took in last Saturday when there's a reading time by 10 lovely woman writers. There are Ayu Utami, Djenar Maesayu, Dewi Lestari, Nenden..., Linda ..., etc.
For the rest of my life this is the 1st time to watched this kinda activity. Never like it before and dunno what happen inside ma mind on this one....
Just like ma friends told me There's always the First time for everything...
Funny...when u wanna throw something outta ur life, that things always come in. huufff but it's okay, at least this one useful.
I found spirit to continue my project in poetry...hehehehe.Nice huh?!


Wooww what happened in yesterday ya?
I watched this movie CArolina that's the title. About friendship and love, that's two words i never pay attention again for over two months. Almost three i guess...relationship too with grandma that made me broken heart when see the scene. Huawwaaa a little bit remember her, kinda missed her much...
Yap leaving this kinda place make my brain full with job description and forget about that all stuff.
Yesterday and the day before yesterday had slapped me into
That two days made me remember about friendship, relationship to other, have fun and get socialite and followed by the invisible enemy.
Whoaaa that's all i can say for now .

Just See Them ...

What are you doing in spare time?
Mmm Reading, watching, hang out to get fresh atmosphere, having kuliner outta...what else yeah?
Well i don't remember again now.
This is one of my shot when accompanied my big sista family.
Just wanna have this angle for killing the time softly.
Lumayanlah caught it, read they gesture then make a notes about it.
One regular activity including all items u'll do in spare time.