Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Milky Way

Dum dam dum...dum dam dum...dum dam dum...dum dam dum...
That's a little humming time from a little girl when she captivated the light in far..far away sky
While sitting on chair in terrace...
Wooo milky-milky way! Where are you going through?
Is there any treasury when you arriving somewhere?
Wooo milky-milky way!
I would like to fly with you and finding new palace to stand


Friday, January 23, 2009

not in the mood

yeap i just not in the mood to think about heart couple days later
I shut the door, so that only me more inside
Having chat with GOD bla...bla...bla...the result that i have to continue my life
Nowadays i've got my own preparation for something
And it'll bring him in the future, but today only me and my work

dunno until when this gonna be on
but still in somewhere i can't reach the place's still him

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Electricity

This is a story from friend
She told me that she met nu guys in town, they shook hand..well it's commonly right? We people just do it in any ocassion, just like a habit when meet new guy or to respect the other people.
Then she told me this, I feel some 'electricity' when that guy hand shook with me. Why it can happen yeah? Never happen before, but something continue after that. All dead memories i had and forget just like wake up in several moments. How can that things happen? Like something walk in UNLOGICAL rooms, but they are SO REAL.
Well I'm just stunning when heard this kinda statement.
I believe that something happen because a reason, also what will be happen so just happen (kun fayakun/ yang terjadi maka terjadilah)

So i just give her commentary that's might be real just relax and follow the clue of it ...
How bout you guys and gals out there? Any suggestion for this one?

Green is

Green is my favourite color
Green is the color of my yard
Green is my pasion of life
Green is the color of peace
Green is help you to get relax
Green is every where
Green is harmony of earth
So just go green in your heart
Like the grass
So natural

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Oh for this one i collected the book first and put them on my shelf. Placed so pleased because I really like them. The story goes well and attractive illustration on it ;).
Then someday when I were in some dvd shop i found this movie. I took it, read then bought it. Few days later i watced them. Unfortunatelly the movie wasn't good as their books. But i've got message from it movie that i didn't get from the book.
And it was...
"Wherever we live in, don't forget to care and love each other, environments too. How har the way is, just don't GIVE UP easily to reach out THE FREEDOM..."

This one was a pleasantly movie to watch, it have own value too jus like Penelope. You can see so many great costume for the fairy land and excitement to see. Make you feel Merry :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Have u ever seen this movie before? Some entertaining fairy tale story. very light just a lemon tea when u watched it. Funny too, just take a look whose Penelope?

PIG NOSE! - yeah she is but still have a heart just the same as normal people.

This kinda good movie because it have some value on the story. Something we can learn, about "However u like, just be your self then..."

I recommended this movie for those who like this genre of movie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What's in this year?

The hot one is a bombardier that Israel doing til this day to Palestine. Just like the time in the past, when i still younger. What a mess dirty do by whom have this idea. Respectfulness things, and yes again there must be victims in every war. Why this people can't stand out with PEACE, why everybody like to yell, torture, bombed. In fact so many places still in that situation yeap, yesterday i was watching news at TV's and found out that Tamil has their own action too. In my place there are some places having conflicts condition too.
What pathetic world nowadays...
There is something called LOVE, but somehow its hiding somewhere that most people today a little bit forget about. Some passion to lead many nations in the world make somebody forget about Who is he?...Why are they born for?...They mostly forget about something bigger than us as a Human. We are still having GOD outside, the One who processed this earth from the tiny things until the huge one that placed on this giant ball - world.
C'mon , at least take a time to think about this, PEACE in this world to gain the better future. Well healthy minds get a great work right? And those can help us to arrive at wealthy time too. Wealthy for everythings yeah not only material, but moral too. What a shame for people who told don't this or that to the youth but still doing the other side. Just learn from the old history. Why there's a falling of a nation?

wELLuhmm i guess that's it for now...PEACE upon a world