Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Stranger

Here's some words by me
it called ....


There's something
Connecting me and you in the air
Something blink
Blink here...Blink there
Never know where it comes from

There's something
Blast here...Blast there...
Now and Then
Like a little butterfly in shining
Flying in free
Never know why it show up

There's something
Blink! Blast! Clink! Click! Tink!
So small and fully energetic
It something that can through the door
Never know hos it happening
But there's something connecting us

( i wrote this to you dear stranger. might in the new days next year we can meet again somewhere.)


ciao all see you next ye

Point Of View

Days gone by my friends, so many moment happened in this years that worth to learn.
Yeah,,that's right...Uhmm what you get from this year belu?
oh here they are:

- Learning to be more patient each days
- Knowing place arround the world through my friends picture. Yeah even this body not yet reach those place at least eyes and mind already did it ;p
- Have a rich knowledgement about spiritual worl that can add information about people,world, behaviour, future, power, animals etc. and gettin' close with GOD that make this year become extravagant than before
- Meet old friend and get new guys and gals also
- Hangout to some place i never known before
- Oh yeah the miracle give me the chance to meet the stranger with angel hand*. mmm at last he have the same way of how to shake hand. hohoho...

ow...ow...what else yeah? i think that's all

*= the term for something i remember for the last 5 years and it comes from my dream that i make to poetry

Last but not least,
Thank YOU so much for every days YoU give it to us. May in the brand new days we still have opportunity to feel freedom. Not only in mind but can be the reality.
Peace Earth and Those People Arround The World

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hanging Arround

Finnally i could feel the air blown again, when? Ow! That's yesterday i asked my mum to drop me off somewhere. And she did it - thank you mum ;), u r the best.

Then i went hanging by my self . Step forward without any aim but feels good.

I saw a community of PUNK that I never show them for years, and the 'Kongkow"' place is still the same.

Then watched 'pedagang kaki lima' that busiest with their own thinking about stuff they sold. and one of them ... Oh my Gosh! Still there over 5 years i least i remember him since im in senior high school.

I entered to some bookstore and found a book and read it. I saw it before couple months ago and never had intention to read it. But yesterday i made it. Well, reading it slowly with joy...feeling so refreshing,,,nice actually. Until i forget to outta there. Yap i've been stucked there for over 5 hours from noon til nite without conciuos about the time running.Hahaha...
From the day i made new notes that so many things happen in and out, come and go in fast forward but just take few times to relax your mind, body and soul that the balance can be stay in your life again. At least it can help you brighten the days

Swear to GOD i really enjoyed the time ;)

Same feeling when i saw this view back my home just take a look up to the picture yeah.
Very glad, happy when can see the sky...
Well stop here then see you arround yeah

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gud Morning All

Hello...Hello...Hello...Gud Morning All ;)
Stunning at front off the screen now while the cursor can't hardly wait for me. It thinks, "hey you c'mon just shot what you are going to tell! Too long blinking make me tired...Uggh you human!
Hahaha so funny yeah if everythings in this world being a thoughtfull. I bet there's a chaos happening,woooww.
Btw anyway busway this morning is the lovely one, as ussual there's a group of birds chirping in th roof...or...Oh My there's in the tree too. They sang a GUD Morning Melody.So great to hear it.
What else yeah?Uhmmm
The coffee says, "Bel don't you forget to empty this mug yeah! Its totally frozen if you are forget to empty this one.
Alright, im gonna downstairs right away ;)
Hehehehe...its really fun have a great friends like they are huh?
Krrrrtkk...Krrtk...Ooops I think some distraction ending in my stomachs so i'll have to check it rightly.
Well bubye here and see you all next time

Friday, December 12, 2008

What's going on?

December coming!December Coming!
Whoaa hahahaha....
Well it started with attending some venue called Crafty Days at Tobucil on last week. M with my friend were come to see it. This year i saw more people than the last year. Me and my friend, Yona took workshop. But me only followed one workshop that's PERGAMANO while her two workshop PERGAMANO and ORIGAMI. We had fun time to do it.
Others there's someone introduced how to make package from unused plastic and it was nice result.
After doing all there's a time when both of us were busy to pick up and decided what wol color we are going to buy. Yeah we intend to follow the crochet workshop, but too long being a picky make us late to get a seat. So we never followed that workshop. Hahaha... so not to picky next time ;0)..Aaah at least we already buy few kinda crochet stuff to practice it in our homey ;p
Well the long weekend companion opening of december because we celebrated Iedul Adha on december 8. Till that date my little nephew and his parents came to Bandung and spend a time here. Now he can walk in balance way and run too. yeah he ran through the room in exciting gesture. He likes to ask me play the hot wheels series. If i feel tired then he will caught me back and played again.
Well,uhmm at least not run here and run there. He showed an expression to love other baby. He kissed our neighbour baby in loving way. Whoaaa so cute to look that. Ow...Ow...Ow...Wow is it what baby doing nowadays? Remember that Andrey still in 1,7 years. He also followed to the yard when shalat Ied held in. Satand up with silent in earlier minutes and becoming a little bit busy with his mouth later. What a funny experienced.
Btw last night is extremly cold...Brr make us frozen in a moment. But...But...But...the gud one that I can sleep well.
End here and ciao ;)