Thursday, October 30, 2008

End of Month

Tadadada...finnally we almost in end again. Passing this month with gratefull becuse of lots of things happened. Those are goldy points, yeah just like wise people said from zero to hero, from
none to huge.
Everything happens is worth it to learn, the minus or plus one (it's all up to you)
That's make your adventure of life become intresting from each day to another.
End of Month there's a trully power and spirit come up and be ready for preparation.
Preparation to gain the better way for life in the future.
Just gambate then!

Sunday, October 19, 2008



October is so messy even not wholism, well it's not end yet
Some distraction were come
Broken the room in harsh way
"Severe"...somebody said
A group of bottle was smash into pieces
The window crashed
Got supraise when open the door and look at those things
Then swap all is the important to do
Make the room cleaning again....

Otherwise the "severe" having friend called "treasury"
Nice huh ? ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Shadow

The shadow always come through in the enjoy momment at noon.

Watch 'em which has a rest in peace

Sometimes the little wind make 'em dance

When all happened better u make urself calm with a cup of coffee, books and Jazz tune

What a delighted time right?

Full Moon

(pics took in september 14th,2008)
Whoaaa full moon is out there, this time feel so special and dunno why the world like united with the panorama above.

Beautiful view, so brighten the nite sky.

Saw it from binocular and click with mobile camera

And this is what i got, enjoy them yeah....