Friday, September 26, 2008

The rolling day

so weirdo day today...
Unlucky one but funny too. well there's no related between both of them but connected in me.
Every such thing i don't want to do and hate it MUST be do in this day. Happen for all day long from this morning until this time...wofff i hope will be end sooner as possible.
The funny one was happen in the last day.
I was captured some old stuff in my home two days ago. then i clicked them, i intend to save their picture on my blog. Yap i catch up my old shoes that keep in use for the last 11 yeras untill now. Can you imagine the stuff i still wear is still okay since i was in senior high school?!
Commonly my friends told this way, "Gile lo Bel!Kok bisa sih bertahan lama gitu, awet banget ya?". Well that the plus from me, yap I always have and keep the stuff as long as can use them for a long-long-long time.Hehehe...Biar puas...puas...puasssss, yaaa paling sedikit sedih kalo barangnya udah ancur or hijrah or hilang.
Let's go back anyway....
Unfortunately i got new idea to write another short...or will be long story then...that's make me couldn't go anywhere yesterday. So i didn't upload the pictures into my blog. The late night i was searching from the mobile phone and stop in my friend blog. How funny that he had written about his old shoes...(yap he clicked the pic also). I just want to laugh out when read that.
Hey at least even i didn't tell the readers about my old shoes story somebody already helped me to shout it through his blog.
tOO BAD today the usb in the warnet i sat, couldn't reach the pictures so i'll be upload them in another time i guess... =S

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hari ini cuaca di sekitar tempat tinggal berasa panassss banget. Padahal seharian ini di rumah yang notabene bersebrangan ma 'dataran' dago anginnya kenceng super-duper. Bayangkan ketika berada di sebuah dataran tinggi dengan terpaan angun hangat...gak...gak...panas itu lebih tepat.
Tapi ketika kaki-kaki ini melangkah keluar sekitar jam 15.30 anginnya terasa lebih baik. Alias angin di luar gak sepanas tadi siang. Senangnya...
Ya...ya...ya...sore ini aku berniat ke warnet karena lagi-lagi pemakaian di rumah sedikit terhambat. Padahal aku harus mengirim beberapa file kerjaan. Aaargh mungkin memang harus keluar dan sedikit berolahraga, jadi warnet here I come ;p...
At least gak ada salahnya aku memakai fasilitas yang satu itu bukan?Selagi masih ada fasilitas itu, kenapa gak?!
Fiuhhh sekarang udah jam 17.30-an means sebentar lagi waktunya buka...Tapi kok aku malasss sekali beranjak dari kursi ini, gak tahu kenapa. Padahal suhu di dalam warnet cukup panas. Melewati batas panas di luar tadi. Padahal di atas tempat yang kududuki saat ini menancap beberapa kipas angin...Whuaaaa so melty here.
Mau pulang sebentar lagi, ...ya still sebentar lagi. Masih betah bis puyeng juga denger suara kendaraan-kendaraan yang menderu-deru di luar. Belum lagi nyanyuan klakson yang bertautan gara-gara pengendaranya 'kebelet' buka.
Watchout........Belum lagi teriakan anak-anak yang siap-siap buka puasa.

Krrrtk...krok...krokk...ooops itu suara perutku yang minta makan. Maklum saja hari ini sama sekali belum di-isi. Kebiasaan jelek kalau kepanasan pasti maless makan. Gak tahu kenapa padahal iming-iming menu banyak banget daritadi. Hehehe mungkin terbawa hawa puasa.
Hweeeeh kmana2 nih ngomongnya...kayaknya aku benar-benar akan pulang sekarang.
Sampai jumpa kapan-kapan :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hiyaa Times

In tis "Hiyaa Times", feels happy when can trip to the new world
The world where full of nicest elf
Playing with them in the good harmony
Flying between the trees in the forrest
Feeling the wind that touch our chick
Listening the orchestra of Forrest
Dancing, laughing, meet the tinker bells & community
Whoaaa! So fairy...fairy tale, but it was nice trip

(I wrote this one night in Ramadhan,September ;p )

What am I doing this month?

So far i've learn some activities such as how to boil "jamu" from the Sensei of my friend. He tought about the function of that "jamu". Middle ability to do it btw...hehehe but it's fun ;)
Others, i tried to back my capabilities to write on Sastra languange just like i did before in my story i wrote. Pretty hard coz I commonly write to comical language since that's my job lately for several years. (Hooo?I lost my power yeah??!!...Calm I can gain it back ;D )
Reading of course,,,this time i already spent several books in reading. Laskar Pelangi (hey finally i got that books after 2 years in borrowing entry), Sang Pemimpi (my big sista bought that book, so I Juz feel cheer up), Vahdventure(juz re-read it), Muhammad Sang Pembebas (still reading),etc...
Most of them is great books.
Next i did watch old dvd movies i had and played it on the player
What an enjoying life right?
Working in script still too,,,enjoy the time while still beaten by the deadline stuff

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Elektra the movie...have u ever watch that movie? The cinema version, I showed the movie again. Dunno how many times but never get bored with it. It's a movie from MARVEL which is great to see :)...Love it very much. Like this sentence "Some lesson can't be taught, they must be lived to be understood".
Juz like when we learn about life right?


I juz remember this ...
Once upon a time in last june, when i woke up early morning and the weather wasn't bright. I woken up becoz of the noise of motorcycle seems like "ojeg". So i entered the bathroom (wash my face,etc). I stepped out to downstair and stop in front of cupboard. Took some instant coffee and mix it with hot water. I sat accompanied by Bagelen and newspaper while there's in the radio i heard jazz music sang by Shakatak. Then read some article about someone called Maliq Shadiq, a minister from England. My eyes open wided than before after read it.
England,,,it's remember me about something. England...england...when I could through the way till that place?
Many years has rolled over, but my heart and mind still obvious want to end some left story there. Yap the Palmer's look like that I already 4got about that since my grandma was died. Till now the thought still running..I must go there, to end the puzzle...Wuff ...MYSTERY that's something to end.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


September ramadhan, september ceria...Yeap at least that's what i feel since the 1st day of this month. Juz hope everything will happen in blessing way...amiiin ;)
Kmarin2 sempet liat langit yang kata gw sih keren coz ada bulan sabit plus bintang. Berasa ketemu sama Mesjid Giant di Bumi...suasananya juga great coz langitnya bersih...Seems the 2nd day of ramadhan when i walked out to the mosque to do tarawih.
Lovely nite,feel calm to saw it ;)