Sunday, August 31, 2008

End oF August

So here we are, in the last day of august 2008. Well i think some of people arround the world will have a write about the end of this August right?The month that Indonesian had celebrate their country which is ... . Aaaah yap yap that's all country managment you know, but lets talk to the other things which can make our heart bright and light ;). Actually, this month is the busiest month i know. Lot of happiness, hardworking, cheerfull moment, etc. Mostly i feel them all in the flat way...hahaha. Nope there were a climaks of course but not an important thing to remember when.
The things i remember last when I had a hang out with my buddy and ate some food @ canteen ITB. For so many long time i never doing it again well it feels lovely (Man!Where i've been for this long yeah?). Others, when I picked up my twin sister again in her office and looked at the light in the middle of the night,hey it's impressived my vision.
My Gosh life is fully of suppraises, never know we can get it then just get it on moment. Cool...
Other important things about the end of this month is The End just become The Enter of Ramadhan. Since i learn about this stuff i loved to do "puasa" in this kinda moment. The month where we can feel closer with GOD than ussually.
I think i wanna say Thanks for the august moment, never forget about it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When Insomnia Back

Time shows 03:21 am and can't sleep yet
While I feel so sleepy
The disease is coming again
With no guilty of expression
It's attacking with so fast to my brain
Seems somebody already take control inside my head
It also scratching where's the better idea are hiding
Sometimes it feels okay but torture wholism of me
The energy, thought, etc feels so weaken
Though like that I wont release it from the habit
It is the part of me which I believ that will dissapear in the natural way
Without any distraction of chemical sphere
You are EVIL but somehow You make my creativity in GReat Deal
So Thank's for knowing you in Life

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hahaha mungkin itu satu kata yang menggambarkan sikon gue saat ini, pasalnya the Big Day is over.Hahahaha jadi im back to my life,enak banget ya apalagi gue sempet buat2 poet lagi.Huhuhu my brain back to the air lagi ney. Even ga enaknya gw udah seminggu ini stay at home karena sick. Lumayan parah juga yang lama2 muncul semua. Ashmatis* Radang Tenggorokan bersatu padu di dalam badan gue....Ooooh Noooo!
Tapi sekali Merdeka Tetap Merdeka....alias nyantei dikit laaah

Saturday, August 9, 2008

At The Weekend

Finnally in spare time between the preparation of my twin sister wedding i can go walkout.Yipikayey!....Uhmmm where the foots gonna bring me today ya?
O ya i remember, dropping my twin sister at his fiancee place, then giving invitation @ 347 for our great-great cousin, warnet (coz there's some accident with the link at home ;( , while i need the data for my deadline tommorrow), meet my photographer boss to maintenance customer needs, my old friend who is going to married. Well at least i've already done the three points above from all the list today.
Seems there's no vacation for me at this moment (Whuaaaaa pengen liburan gw!...2 hari aja)
Toink!...Toink!...But something make me happy today. Yap the street i've through wasn't in traffic modes, i hope i wont meet it today ;)
The weather is well, hot but not burnt ur skin into deep side.
Wuff you guys and galz, what are you doing today?
Hummm me will get connection with the nature in the noon before nite. Must be fine something intresting outta home. Clouds, birds, moths, star, moon, voice of Adzan Maghrib, etc.
I hope the camera just sitting beside my backpack now, so I can take they all into it.
Alright then, i'm gonna continue searching the data. So closing till this point yeah. see you arround ;0)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yang ini dimana lagi?

Klo yang ini juzt wanna say hola there. Nice view behind me right?

Guess,where am I?

Ooo yeap i juz forget something i wanna share it with you. The place which is very rarely for us to visit them.

One is the Sribaduga museum, I was there when had a project for one of my comic books "Gamelan". That was a long time for me not to go there. The last time is about 10 or 12 years ago.Wooo...long enough yeah?

Btw feels great when can visit that place again...

Place for HangOut

This is what i found yesterday, me and pall when we were in ciwidey on 2005. We had a nice refreshed that day. Can you look at the picture right? What a nice place, but too late to come that's why feel so cloudy out there. Anyway and anyhow i really like this time. ;)

Well most of you must be know where the place is,right?

My suggestion, juz come to that place for a while coz make ur brain okay than before.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mrs.Sun and The Kid

Wooo what a hot day,yap...yap...Mrs Sun wanna come up longer than last month
This is my time to show up right?
I wanna brightness this world with my light!

Several minutes later a boy look up to Mrs. Sun and tell something. Mmm, Mrs.Sun can I ask something to you?
Well I know that u are the solar system for our world, I like when u shine this earth...but...but...can u less more light for two or three days? Because there's a dry yard behind our home, I affraid that'll be on fire and burn down the land and house.
I really-really sad when it happened, yap it always happen almost in the summer.
I feel sad when saw the peoples lost their houses. Not only the material but somehow it causes a persons victim.

Mrs.Sun looking that boy, then she smile...
Well kid that's not how the world work
But u can try to ask it to the One who created us. How about that?
If u already do that, just see what gonna happen then. Alright

Mmm alright Mrs.Sun...
I'll try to ask HIM about this, thank's for the add thought
Have a nice light today

Friday, August 1, 2008


August...august here I come ;). Finally there's a room for take a breath. Walking around the city meet old peoples from the past. Hey i met the art teacher course and dancing teacher, they look so old. But feels okay to have them in mind.....
Hunting...that something I'd be doing this month
hunt for things that can make me smile from the bottom of my heart (heh?!)
16 August might be there's something okay to hunt (hahahaha....)