Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wish and The Yard

Actually i still lost in the world where everything seems so busy
Couldn't reach every happy moments near you, still heavy

Juzt wanna say it would be happy to play fireworks and bubbles in the big yard while companion by a mug of Freeze GD (not wise to tell the brand-i think) coffee.
And showing the world Freeze for a while and touch them which surrounded our place
Make a trip in the Freeze world and captured them behind the lens
While the music on in soul jazz rhythm we just fly and relax inside the bubbles
Hahaha...!What a nonsense right?!
But hey would you company me for a while before back to the heavy time?
C'mon, in this yard we juz Buzz with style and Click "have fun"
And log off...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Detik-Detik Religiusku Bersama Tuhan

Detik-detik aneh sudah berlalu
Detik-Detik yang membawa hikmah bagi yangmelaluinya
Detik-detik yang membuatmu sadar akan tujuan hidup
Detik-detik yang menolongmu dengan menjadikan airmata sebagai bidadarimu
Detik-detik dimana kau berada dekat Yang Maha Kuasa
Detik-detik yang membawamu kepada pengalaman yang extravaganza
Detik-detik yang melegakan bagi kehidupanmu selanjutnya

Airmata, Nafas dan Senyuman

Tahukah apa itu?
Yap...serbuan dari perasaan manusia
Serbuan yang menghujamkan kegelisahan pada diri manusia
Sesaat perasaan itu hilang, Yes!!
Lega terasa indah bukan main
Tapi ada sesuatu yang tidak menyenangkan, hatimu terasa berat
Wajahmu pun berubah dan tiba-tiba saja ingin berlari kencang dan lebih kencang lagi
Panas menggerogoti dari ubun-ubun , kaki hingga hatimu
Pikiran-pikiran baik meleleh sudah
Hilang tiba-tiba entah kemana
Bingung sampai akhirnya airmata itu menyelamatkanmu
Yap...airmata yang menyadarkanmu dari semua kegalauan yang ada
Setelah itu disusul dengan hirupan udara segar yang menjernihkan pikiran
Dan pertolongan terakhir yakni Senyuman
Senyuman yang membantumu menghadapi rumitnya perjalanan
Itulah mereka airmata, nafas dan senyuman yang membawamu dalam kebaikan

Pertanyaan Hati Seorang Yang Damai

Siang itu sepasang kaki melangkah keluar dari tempat yang sederhana
Tempat yang mengajarkan kehidupan dalam cinta dan kasih sayang
Kaki-kaki itu terus berjalan setapak demi setapak
Melalui kekayaan alam yang hijau juga coklat
Melalui bebauan segar yang terhampar luas
Menyegarkan pikiran dalam air yang sangat jernih
Memandang semua kehidupan dengan senyuman yang melegakan
Akh...damainya dunia ini!
Seru si empunya sepasang kaki tadi
Terdiam sejenak, suasana hening dan pikiran-pikiran itu mulai melonjak-lonjak
Akhirnya dia mulai bertanya,
Hai Maha Pencipta akankah kedamaian di muka bumi ini terselamatkan?

Thank's God

The earth and the plants
The sea and the beach
Love and heart
They all connected
Thanks GOD
for all you gave us as you're created
We hope YOU always give us the livelihood as the peace on this earth

my notes (Part 1)

Here's some of my notes for the last many years...hehehe

My Town (Bdg, 27.7.1998)
I saw my look out of the window
The night is over late, but the beautiful lamps in the town is very nice to look
Time after time I looking the shine of the lamps I feel silent
Beautiful!It's beautiful....
Like a bright shine of straight line which shine upon the dark in this world
Look!Look! At the lamp in the opposite even
Though you can pull it up
Just llok so your heart still calm
From this place I seem the bright shine which is beautiful
I feel very charmed like a strang panorama
Shine! Always shine like a bright of life
This is my town
My Beautiful town in the night

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Old AtmoSphere...

Campus, Whoaaa no1 ever thought that i'm gonna here again. After several years gone's by.."Spotlight Computer Rental"- the palce where I hangout with some old buddies who have fun with boyz chat while I amazed with the situation.
The wind of this campus, the road, the garbage which is spreading in every corner of the "Warung", the voice of children yelled up. The faces of old peoples I've ever meet & buy their products couple years ago.
Whoooo what a long day have been rolled....4 years ago.
seven peoples are created Loud Buzz right the moment i written this notes
After 4 yars i still can lookin' into "Ibu Gorengan" which i used to buy the snack.Wild cats who always sniffing the craps...Wowww...
That was me on unbelivable moment while enjoy the old atmosphere....

Dear God

(This community of words come to my mind several days ago, in midnite on July 8th 2k8. Just enjoy this...)

Is it him who always stick in my mind

Is it him who have some feelin' bout life

Is it him who always lookin' through out the window and thought "Dear GOD, is there anyone outside who have a thought like I did?"

Is it him who always pray "GOD wheteher someone out there for me juz make me to meet her with ur way"

Is it him who said "Come...Come...I would like to know you"

Dear GOD if it is him juz make the time through right coz we could be ONCE

ONCE in happiness, sadness, merry, interest, vission,mission, etc

ONCE to reach the life more better in the future

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yupiduuu here i'm again and still....
Still no picture at all, still not write my poet also which i intend to write since several days ago. Dunno why evrytime i open my own blog i always forget to bring my poet book. Hehehehe...
But i might write them on the next notes. This is the great Saturday i Spend after couple months didn't make the right time. Feel alive when saw lots of view out there, make connection with lots of people and hang arround...hahaha so foolish but feels good ;)

Friday, July 4, 2008


After years gone finally i'm back to the street. walking by my self looking arround the peoples,engines of public transportation, any kinda sales people, the wind, etc. Everything was united in one atmosphere of the city.
Nice...I loved it,even someday when u drove a car everything seems so sucks to have it in our memory.Hehehe...So I suggest you to walking out more than drive a transportation.So many things u can see and feel when u were in the street. Often u can appreciate what exist things in this planet and thanks God for through all of that.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ternyata warnanya gak se'hitam' yang dibayangkan, but it's fine coz i still like the page i already choosen. Here i'm while searching some data for my work, so much notes i wrote in my little notes that i'd be move to this blog,but i don't think it's gonna be now.

1st note

Long...long time ago i had one blog like this but it was ended. so now i'll try to make it ones new.
I choose this lay-out b'coz of read some article that black is the color which pretty 'Hemat' amongs the others color.
Now i'm sitting here just to figure it out how...Well it'slong time for me not ot get along with blog.So i'm gonna try this and try that.