Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Stranger

Here's some words by me
it called ....


There's something
Connecting me and you in the air
Something blink
Blink here...Blink there
Never know where it comes from

There's something
Blast here...Blast there...
Now and Then
Like a little butterfly in shining
Flying in free
Never know why it show up

There's something
Blink! Blast! Clink! Click! Tink!
So small and fully energetic
It something that can through the door
Never know hos it happening
But there's something connecting us

( i wrote this to you dear stranger. might in the new days next year we can meet again somewhere.)


ciao all see you next ye

Point Of View

Days gone by my friends, so many moment happened in this years that worth to learn.
Yeah,,that's right...Uhmm what you get from this year belu?
oh here they are:

- Learning to be more patient each days
- Knowing place arround the world through my friends picture. Yeah even this body not yet reach those place at least eyes and mind already did it ;p
- Have a rich knowledgement about spiritual worl that can add information about people,world, behaviour, future, power, animals etc. and gettin' close with GOD that make this year become extravagant than before
- Meet old friend and get new guys and gals also
- Hangout to some place i never known before
- Oh yeah the miracle give me the chance to meet the stranger with angel hand*. mmm at last he have the same way of how to shake hand. hohoho...

ow...ow...what else yeah? i think that's all

*= the term for something i remember for the last 5 years and it comes from my dream that i make to poetry

Last but not least,
Thank YOU so much for every days YoU give it to us. May in the brand new days we still have opportunity to feel freedom. Not only in mind but can be the reality.
Peace Earth and Those People Arround The World

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hanging Arround

Finnally i could feel the air blown again, when? Ow! That's yesterday i asked my mum to drop me off somewhere. And she did it - thank you mum ;), u r the best.

Then i went hanging by my self . Step forward without any aim but feels good.

I saw a community of PUNK that I never show them for years, and the 'Kongkow"' place is still the same.

Then watched 'pedagang kaki lima' that busiest with their own thinking about stuff they sold. and one of them ... Oh my Gosh! Still there over 5 years i least i remember him since im in senior high school.

I entered to some bookstore and found a book and read it. I saw it before couple months ago and never had intention to read it. But yesterday i made it. Well, reading it slowly with joy...feeling so refreshing,,,nice actually. Until i forget to outta there. Yap i've been stucked there for over 5 hours from noon til nite without conciuos about the time running.Hahaha...
From the day i made new notes that so many things happen in and out, come and go in fast forward but just take few times to relax your mind, body and soul that the balance can be stay in your life again. At least it can help you brighten the days

Swear to GOD i really enjoyed the time ;)

Same feeling when i saw this view back my home just take a look up to the picture yeah.
Very glad, happy when can see the sky...
Well stop here then see you arround yeah

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gud Morning All

Hello...Hello...Hello...Gud Morning All ;)
Stunning at front off the screen now while the cursor can't hardly wait for me. It thinks, "hey you c'mon just shot what you are going to tell! Too long blinking make me tired...Uggh you human!
Hahaha so funny yeah if everythings in this world being a thoughtfull. I bet there's a chaos happening,woooww.
Btw anyway busway this morning is the lovely one, as ussual there's a group of birds chirping in th roof...or...Oh My there's in the tree too. They sang a GUD Morning Melody.So great to hear it.
What else yeah?Uhmmm
The coffee says, "Bel don't you forget to empty this mug yeah! Its totally frozen if you are forget to empty this one.
Alright, im gonna downstairs right away ;)
Hehehehe...its really fun have a great friends like they are huh?
Krrrrtkk...Krrtk...Ooops I think some distraction ending in my stomachs so i'll have to check it rightly.
Well bubye here and see you all next time

Friday, December 12, 2008

What's going on?

December coming!December Coming!
Whoaa hahahaha....
Well it started with attending some venue called Crafty Days at Tobucil on last week. M with my friend were come to see it. This year i saw more people than the last year. Me and my friend, Yona took workshop. But me only followed one workshop that's PERGAMANO while her two workshop PERGAMANO and ORIGAMI. We had fun time to do it.
Others there's someone introduced how to make package from unused plastic and it was nice result.
After doing all there's a time when both of us were busy to pick up and decided what wol color we are going to buy. Yeah we intend to follow the crochet workshop, but too long being a picky make us late to get a seat. So we never followed that workshop. Hahaha... so not to picky next time ;0)..Aaah at least we already buy few kinda crochet stuff to practice it in our homey ;p
Well the long weekend companion opening of december because we celebrated Iedul Adha on december 8. Till that date my little nephew and his parents came to Bandung and spend a time here. Now he can walk in balance way and run too. yeah he ran through the room in exciting gesture. He likes to ask me play the hot wheels series. If i feel tired then he will caught me back and played again.
Well,uhmm at least not run here and run there. He showed an expression to love other baby. He kissed our neighbour baby in loving way. Whoaaa so cute to look that. Ow...Ow...Ow...Wow is it what baby doing nowadays? Remember that Andrey still in 1,7 years. He also followed to the yard when shalat Ied held in. Satand up with silent in earlier minutes and becoming a little bit busy with his mouth later. What a funny experienced.
Btw last night is extremly cold...Brr make us frozen in a moment. But...But...But...the gud one that I can sleep well.
End here and ciao ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catatan Yang Terkumpul

Catatan..ya sebuah catatan akan mengingatkan apa-apa yang telah terjadi sebelumnya.
Sebuah catatan juga bisa menolong orang lain menuju puncak kepuasannya masing-masing. Cukup disimpan, dingat, dan dikenang agar catatan-catatan yang bertambah tiap hari jadi banyak bisa digunakan untuk kehidupanmu selanjutnya.
Aku menemukan beberapa catatan yang terkumpul, beberapa diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut:
"Kehidupan ibarat ruang kelas di sekolah kita,...dan cinta adalah guru terbaik"-Joan Walsh
Yeah Cinta, itu adalah kekuatan terbesar dalam hidup untuk mengarungi pengetahuan yang luas di dunia bukan? Tidak melulu mengenai dua orang lain jenis dengan daya tarik. Tapi Cinta adalah sesuatu yang universal ada berbagai rasa di dalamnya seperti sedih, senang, susah, marah, ceria, senang, dan lain-lain. Begitu dahsyatnya sesuatu yang bernaung di bawah bendera CINTa. Begitu ekstravaganza juga rasanya ketika kau mendapatkan hasil dari sesuatu yang dinamakan CINTA. Cinta terjadi dengan hampir semua benda yang ada di dunia. Cinta sesama manusia, cinta pekerjaan, cinta pada alam, cinta pada binatang. Dan janganlah kalian lupakan satu CINTa yang paling spesial yakni CINTAMU pada TUHANMU. O iya berdasarkan quote diatas setidaknya itu impact dari sebuah kata CINTA yang telah bersahabat denganku ;0).
Dan yang beriku ini juga beberapa yang membuatku selalu maju tak gentar ketika menjalani hidup. Semuanya bagus kok makanya aku senang sekali bisa berbagi dengan kalian dengan menulisnya di sini. akhirnya kesampaian juga, senangnya :)
"Everytime we encourage someone we give them a tranfusion of courage"-Charles & Swindol
"If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it"-Erma Bombeck
"Kamu tidak perlu takut dengan perubahan. Kamu tidak perlu khawatir dengan apa yang telah pergi. Cukup lihatlah apa yang telah bertambah"-Jackie Greer
Well, kata-kata bijak yang bisa kau saring dengan kehidupan bukan? Berasal dari catatan-catatan kecil yang terkumpul. Baik sengaja maupun tidak, setidaknya catatan yang terkumpul itu membuat kehidupan lebih menyenangkan dari sebelumnya. Memberikan begitu banyak inspirasi untuk berjuang.
Ini barulah sebagian kecil yang bisa kubagi bersama kalian, mudah-mudahan dari sesuatu yang kecil ini kita bisa berjuang bersama menuju kehidupan yang lebih baik. Ya mungkin di lain kesempatan ku akan berbagi quote-quotes bijak lagi. Ayo mari berjuang ! =)

Closing Time

November Ceria
Why . I tell you this? Because yes GOD already gimme happiness in this month. Having short vacation, met the old friends and find the newest too.
The interesting one when i can see traditional habit of Batavian called TANJIDOR, since our people today wasn't care enough to remember their own culture. Complete with Petasan unfrtunately i didn't bring the cam so there's no picture at all.
Then my friend took me the mall called Pacifik Place which is one of the mall that pretty famous today in metropolit socialite. Well, it quite glam place you can know from the customer who enter that place. But don't to worry about it as long as you feel fit just inn then ;). The interior design is well, but from all the room i'd been entered the fave choice of mine is the toilete. Nice design! As a rest room that's so charmed for the customer and comfort too.
Inside the mall there's an exhibition room,okey nice combination. Just the common people doing in their buildings nowdays. Then a book store that always have a space for discount items in their FB. Make me wanna end my step there but I didn't think so that's the right time. so we just passed it on while my friend offered me to take a look there. Sorry but next time i'll be there then.
We continue our step to some place which offer a pancake-poor me coz i forgot the name of it place. But they have yummy pancake to eat. So just come to that place yeah ;) Slllrpp...
In rainy night we hangout to Sumarrecon for watch Quantum Solace. Yeah coz I spent my days in Serpong not Jakarta. Feels like stepped out in PVJ - Bandung. The atmosphere knda same ven i like PVJ more. But pal thanks for the day you took me for hanging out arround, that's lovely.
The last day it filled with attending to my friends wedding. Just stay for a little time there without find any other friend,,,wikz,,,but it's okay. Then here i am back to Bandung. Home sweet home, huwaaa can smell all make me fit in so ;p. Back to my sweet room and meet Mr Bear, Mr Platypus and group of books which stand already. Feel that they missed me so much (heh?Kok aneh ya?Piye to jeng...)
Back to Bandung = back to work.
Anyway anyhow my old friends from nowhere get connected in me suddenly. Just loved to hear their voice again. Huwaa see how GOD love me...hehehe. after the saddy days for a month last month HE gave me happiness in full this month. whoaa may in next month - december there will double,triple or more happiness yeah GOD, amien.
Get socialize with grown up people, learn new tricks to get alive.
Btw the last thing i would like to say that I'm happy with my nu haircut today. Feel everything glad all the time i passing on. (Ya mudah2an begitu terus sih ;p)
Well okay then see you in Lovely December.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh My Gosh....

O...O...kayaknya gak enak perut nih? Mana kerjaan lagi mumplek...plek..plek....
No cemilan pula wikz..padahal otak udah rada-rada mandek karena kecapaia mikir.

Ya mikirnya bukan untuk menciptakan sebuah kalimat aja tapi juga mengedit lagi halaman-halamannya. Puyeng juga meski revisi yang dikerjain gak gitu banyak.Mungkin karena yang sedikit-sedikit itu punya Sensasi yang Mematikan saraf mata dan otak secara tidak disadari kali ya...Atau memang kita yang udah pada erorr alias KURANG TIDUR...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Smile and Sparkling

Yeah! Here i am still in november.
This month is feel wonderful each days.
Troubles must be there, but dunno why everything happened in smooth way.
Just blown away in charming and made all peacefull
For that we only have to Smile
This month also like a magic because there are lot of things Sparkling and make us feel so freedom when be a fellow of that
There are busy things too but juz through it by Smile and Sparkling so that passed in easy
Wooowww what a grateful month

Friday, November 21, 2008

Take A Rest

pfiiiuw...finally i'm back from the rest.
Rest from weird things.
Feel great than before coz i can play with buddies in my ages.
Having great view at capitol city, clean mind, etc,etc....
Having new taste of food in variety
hahaha...just wanna close this month in smile after take a rest.
Well too much enjoy the time make my mind goes nowhere,so it'll continue in other notes yeah

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Opening

Well...well...well here we are now, in november 2008. days here feel a little bit cold because rainy season comes. Cloudy is everywhere almost a whole day. But feel good because we could smell the FRESHEN air from earth and that can make you feel calm. Lovely...
Here's in my place divided into two seasons dry and rainy. Rainy comes usually at middle of October. Some people likes this but some others don't. Yeah rainy season causes flood in many cities. That's why, but we couldn't blame the weather right? Because it's already there when we lived in world.
Otherwise this opening day i started with take care of my nephew. His name is Andrey, and he's 1,6 yrs. Good baby and doing so many activities that could make our body sweat. but it feels fun and happy. In the late nite we had hang out with his parents. We bought a 'jagung rebus' and 'pisang rebus' in the middle cold nite. Ate them while it still warm, well because hot can make your tounge a little bit erorr.
Funny nite because Andrey is the only balita whose still awakening in that place. But he feel so intresting to see adults, lamps, cars and others public transportation. He had a great experience when there is 'pengamen' showed up in the traffic light. he looked at them seriously, and make us laughing him.
Mmm well, that's apiece of story from me in the opening. So far it was okay....
How about you guys and gals?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

End of Month

Tadadada...finnally we almost in end again. Passing this month with gratefull becuse of lots of things happened. Those are goldy points, yeah just like wise people said from zero to hero, from
none to huge.
Everything happens is worth it to learn, the minus or plus one (it's all up to you)
That's make your adventure of life become intresting from each day to another.
End of Month there's a trully power and spirit come up and be ready for preparation.
Preparation to gain the better way for life in the future.
Just gambate then!

Sunday, October 19, 2008



October is so messy even not wholism, well it's not end yet
Some distraction were come
Broken the room in harsh way
"Severe"...somebody said
A group of bottle was smash into pieces
The window crashed
Got supraise when open the door and look at those things
Then swap all is the important to do
Make the room cleaning again....

Otherwise the "severe" having friend called "treasury"
Nice huh ? ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Shadow

The shadow always come through in the enjoy momment at noon.

Watch 'em which has a rest in peace

Sometimes the little wind make 'em dance

When all happened better u make urself calm with a cup of coffee, books and Jazz tune

What a delighted time right?

Full Moon

(pics took in september 14th,2008)
Whoaaa full moon is out there, this time feel so special and dunno why the world like united with the panorama above.

Beautiful view, so brighten the nite sky.

Saw it from binocular and click with mobile camera

And this is what i got, enjoy them yeah....

Friday, September 26, 2008

The rolling day

so weirdo day today...
Unlucky one but funny too. well there's no related between both of them but connected in me.
Every such thing i don't want to do and hate it MUST be do in this day. Happen for all day long from this morning until this time...wofff i hope will be end sooner as possible.
The funny one was happen in the last day.
I was captured some old stuff in my home two days ago. then i clicked them, i intend to save their picture on my blog. Yap i catch up my old shoes that keep in use for the last 11 yeras untill now. Can you imagine the stuff i still wear is still okay since i was in senior high school?!
Commonly my friends told this way, "Gile lo Bel!Kok bisa sih bertahan lama gitu, awet banget ya?". Well that the plus from me, yap I always have and keep the stuff as long as can use them for a long-long-long time.Hehehe...Biar puas...puas...puasssss, yaaa paling sedikit sedih kalo barangnya udah ancur or hijrah or hilang.
Let's go back anyway....
Unfortunately i got new idea to write another short...or will be long story then...that's make me couldn't go anywhere yesterday. So i didn't upload the pictures into my blog. The late night i was searching from the mobile phone and stop in my friend blog. How funny that he had written about his old shoes...(yap he clicked the pic also). I just want to laugh out when read that.
Hey at least even i didn't tell the readers about my old shoes story somebody already helped me to shout it through his blog.
tOO BAD today the usb in the warnet i sat, couldn't reach the pictures so i'll be upload them in another time i guess... =S

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hari ini cuaca di sekitar tempat tinggal berasa panassss banget. Padahal seharian ini di rumah yang notabene bersebrangan ma 'dataran' dago anginnya kenceng super-duper. Bayangkan ketika berada di sebuah dataran tinggi dengan terpaan angun hangat...gak...gak...panas itu lebih tepat.
Tapi ketika kaki-kaki ini melangkah keluar sekitar jam 15.30 anginnya terasa lebih baik. Alias angin di luar gak sepanas tadi siang. Senangnya...
Ya...ya...ya...sore ini aku berniat ke warnet karena lagi-lagi pemakaian di rumah sedikit terhambat. Padahal aku harus mengirim beberapa file kerjaan. Aaargh mungkin memang harus keluar dan sedikit berolahraga, jadi warnet here I come ;p...
At least gak ada salahnya aku memakai fasilitas yang satu itu bukan?Selagi masih ada fasilitas itu, kenapa gak?!
Fiuhhh sekarang udah jam 17.30-an means sebentar lagi waktunya buka...Tapi kok aku malasss sekali beranjak dari kursi ini, gak tahu kenapa. Padahal suhu di dalam warnet cukup panas. Melewati batas panas di luar tadi. Padahal di atas tempat yang kududuki saat ini menancap beberapa kipas angin...Whuaaaa so melty here.
Mau pulang sebentar lagi, ...ya still sebentar lagi. Masih betah bis puyeng juga denger suara kendaraan-kendaraan yang menderu-deru di luar. Belum lagi nyanyuan klakson yang bertautan gara-gara pengendaranya 'kebelet' buka.
Watchout........Belum lagi teriakan anak-anak yang siap-siap buka puasa.

Krrrtk...krok...krokk...ooops itu suara perutku yang minta makan. Maklum saja hari ini sama sekali belum di-isi. Kebiasaan jelek kalau kepanasan pasti maless makan. Gak tahu kenapa padahal iming-iming menu banyak banget daritadi. Hehehe mungkin terbawa hawa puasa.
Hweeeeh kmana2 nih ngomongnya...kayaknya aku benar-benar akan pulang sekarang.
Sampai jumpa kapan-kapan :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hiyaa Times

In tis "Hiyaa Times", feels happy when can trip to the new world
The world where full of nicest elf
Playing with them in the good harmony
Flying between the trees in the forrest
Feeling the wind that touch our chick
Listening the orchestra of Forrest
Dancing, laughing, meet the tinker bells & community
Whoaaa! So fairy...fairy tale, but it was nice trip

(I wrote this one night in Ramadhan,September ;p )

What am I doing this month?

So far i've learn some activities such as how to boil "jamu" from the Sensei of my friend. He tought about the function of that "jamu". Middle ability to do it btw...hehehe but it's fun ;)
Others, i tried to back my capabilities to write on Sastra languange just like i did before in my story i wrote. Pretty hard coz I commonly write to comical language since that's my job lately for several years. (Hooo?I lost my power yeah??!!...Calm I can gain it back ;D )
Reading of course,,,this time i already spent several books in reading. Laskar Pelangi (hey finally i got that books after 2 years in borrowing entry), Sang Pemimpi (my big sista bought that book, so I Juz feel cheer up), Vahdventure(juz re-read it), Muhammad Sang Pembebas (still reading),etc...
Most of them is great books.
Next i did watch old dvd movies i had and played it on the player
What an enjoying life right?
Working in script still too,,,enjoy the time while still beaten by the deadline stuff

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Elektra the movie...have u ever watch that movie? The cinema version, I showed the movie again. Dunno how many times but never get bored with it. It's a movie from MARVEL which is great to see :)...Love it very much. Like this sentence "Some lesson can't be taught, they must be lived to be understood".
Juz like when we learn about life right?


I juz remember this ...
Once upon a time in last june, when i woke up early morning and the weather wasn't bright. I woken up becoz of the noise of motorcycle seems like "ojeg". So i entered the bathroom (wash my face,etc). I stepped out to downstair and stop in front of cupboard. Took some instant coffee and mix it with hot water. I sat accompanied by Bagelen and newspaper while there's in the radio i heard jazz music sang by Shakatak. Then read some article about someone called Maliq Shadiq, a minister from England. My eyes open wided than before after read it.
England,,,it's remember me about something. England...england...when I could through the way till that place?
Many years has rolled over, but my heart and mind still obvious want to end some left story there. Yap the Palmer's look like that I already 4got about that since my grandma was died. Till now the thought still running..I must go there, to end the puzzle...Wuff ...MYSTERY that's something to end.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


September ramadhan, september ceria...Yeap at least that's what i feel since the 1st day of this month. Juz hope everything will happen in blessing way...amiiin ;)
Kmarin2 sempet liat langit yang kata gw sih keren coz ada bulan sabit plus bintang. Berasa ketemu sama Mesjid Giant di Bumi...suasananya juga great coz langitnya bersih...Seems the 2nd day of ramadhan when i walked out to the mosque to do tarawih.
Lovely nite,feel calm to saw it ;)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

End oF August

So here we are, in the last day of august 2008. Well i think some of people arround the world will have a write about the end of this August right?The month that Indonesian had celebrate their country which is ... . Aaaah yap yap that's all country managment you know, but lets talk to the other things which can make our heart bright and light ;). Actually, this month is the busiest month i know. Lot of happiness, hardworking, cheerfull moment, etc. Mostly i feel them all in the flat way...hahaha. Nope there were a climaks of course but not an important thing to remember when.
The things i remember last when I had a hang out with my buddy and ate some food @ canteen ITB. For so many long time i never doing it again well it feels lovely (Man!Where i've been for this long yeah?). Others, when I picked up my twin sister again in her office and looked at the light in the middle of the night,hey it's impressived my vision.
My Gosh life is fully of suppraises, never know we can get it then just get it on moment. Cool...
Other important things about the end of this month is The End just become The Enter of Ramadhan. Since i learn about this stuff i loved to do "puasa" in this kinda moment. The month where we can feel closer with GOD than ussually.
I think i wanna say Thanks for the august moment, never forget about it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When Insomnia Back

Time shows 03:21 am and can't sleep yet
While I feel so sleepy
The disease is coming again
With no guilty of expression
It's attacking with so fast to my brain
Seems somebody already take control inside my head
It also scratching where's the better idea are hiding
Sometimes it feels okay but torture wholism of me
The energy, thought, etc feels so weaken
Though like that I wont release it from the habit
It is the part of me which I believ that will dissapear in the natural way
Without any distraction of chemical sphere
You are EVIL but somehow You make my creativity in GReat Deal
So Thank's for knowing you in Life

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hahaha mungkin itu satu kata yang menggambarkan sikon gue saat ini, pasalnya the Big Day is over.Hahahaha jadi im back to my life,enak banget ya apalagi gue sempet buat2 poet lagi.Huhuhu my brain back to the air lagi ney. Even ga enaknya gw udah seminggu ini stay at home karena sick. Lumayan parah juga yang lama2 muncul semua. Ashmatis* Radang Tenggorokan bersatu padu di dalam badan gue....Ooooh Noooo!
Tapi sekali Merdeka Tetap Merdeka....alias nyantei dikit laaah

Saturday, August 9, 2008

At The Weekend

Finnally in spare time between the preparation of my twin sister wedding i can go walkout.Yipikayey!....Uhmmm where the foots gonna bring me today ya?
O ya i remember, dropping my twin sister at his fiancee place, then giving invitation @ 347 for our great-great cousin, warnet (coz there's some accident with the link at home ;( , while i need the data for my deadline tommorrow), meet my photographer boss to maintenance customer needs, my old friend who is going to married. Well at least i've already done the three points above from all the list today.
Seems there's no vacation for me at this moment (Whuaaaaa pengen liburan gw!...2 hari aja)
Toink!...Toink!...But something make me happy today. Yap the street i've through wasn't in traffic modes, i hope i wont meet it today ;)
The weather is well, hot but not burnt ur skin into deep side.
Wuff you guys and galz, what are you doing today?
Hummm me will get connection with the nature in the noon before nite. Must be fine something intresting outta home. Clouds, birds, moths, star, moon, voice of Adzan Maghrib, etc.
I hope the camera just sitting beside my backpack now, so I can take they all into it.
Alright then, i'm gonna continue searching the data. So closing till this point yeah. see you arround ;0)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yang ini dimana lagi?

Klo yang ini juzt wanna say hola there. Nice view behind me right?

Guess,where am I?

Ooo yeap i juz forget something i wanna share it with you. The place which is very rarely for us to visit them.

One is the Sribaduga museum, I was there when had a project for one of my comic books "Gamelan". That was a long time for me not to go there. The last time is about 10 or 12 years ago.Wooo...long enough yeah?

Btw feels great when can visit that place again...

Place for HangOut

This is what i found yesterday, me and pall when we were in ciwidey on 2005. We had a nice refreshed that day. Can you look at the picture right? What a nice place, but too late to come that's why feel so cloudy out there. Anyway and anyhow i really like this time. ;)

Well most of you must be know where the place is,right?

My suggestion, juz come to that place for a while coz make ur brain okay than before.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mrs.Sun and The Kid

Wooo what a hot day,yap...yap...Mrs Sun wanna come up longer than last month
This is my time to show up right?
I wanna brightness this world with my light!

Several minutes later a boy look up to Mrs. Sun and tell something. Mmm, Mrs.Sun can I ask something to you?
Well I know that u are the solar system for our world, I like when u shine this earth...but...but...can u less more light for two or three days? Because there's a dry yard behind our home, I affraid that'll be on fire and burn down the land and house.
I really-really sad when it happened, yap it always happen almost in the summer.
I feel sad when saw the peoples lost their houses. Not only the material but somehow it causes a persons victim.

Mrs.Sun looking that boy, then she smile...
Well kid that's not how the world work
But u can try to ask it to the One who created us. How about that?
If u already do that, just see what gonna happen then. Alright

Mmm alright Mrs.Sun...
I'll try to ask HIM about this, thank's for the add thought
Have a nice light today

Friday, August 1, 2008


August...august here I come ;). Finally there's a room for take a breath. Walking around the city meet old peoples from the past. Hey i met the art teacher course and dancing teacher, they look so old. But feels okay to have them in mind.....
Hunting...that something I'd be doing this month
hunt for things that can make me smile from the bottom of my heart (heh?!)
16 August might be there's something okay to hunt (hahahaha....)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wish and The Yard

Actually i still lost in the world where everything seems so busy
Couldn't reach every happy moments near you, still heavy

Juzt wanna say it would be happy to play fireworks and bubbles in the big yard while companion by a mug of Freeze GD (not wise to tell the brand-i think) coffee.
And showing the world Freeze for a while and touch them which surrounded our place
Make a trip in the Freeze world and captured them behind the lens
While the music on in soul jazz rhythm we just fly and relax inside the bubbles
Hahaha...!What a nonsense right?!
But hey would you company me for a while before back to the heavy time?
C'mon, in this yard we juz Buzz with style and Click "have fun"
And log off...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Detik-Detik Religiusku Bersama Tuhan

Detik-detik aneh sudah berlalu
Detik-Detik yang membawa hikmah bagi yangmelaluinya
Detik-detik yang membuatmu sadar akan tujuan hidup
Detik-detik yang menolongmu dengan menjadikan airmata sebagai bidadarimu
Detik-detik dimana kau berada dekat Yang Maha Kuasa
Detik-detik yang membawamu kepada pengalaman yang extravaganza
Detik-detik yang melegakan bagi kehidupanmu selanjutnya

Airmata, Nafas dan Senyuman

Tahukah apa itu?
Yap...serbuan dari perasaan manusia
Serbuan yang menghujamkan kegelisahan pada diri manusia
Sesaat perasaan itu hilang, Yes!!
Lega terasa indah bukan main
Tapi ada sesuatu yang tidak menyenangkan, hatimu terasa berat
Wajahmu pun berubah dan tiba-tiba saja ingin berlari kencang dan lebih kencang lagi
Panas menggerogoti dari ubun-ubun , kaki hingga hatimu
Pikiran-pikiran baik meleleh sudah
Hilang tiba-tiba entah kemana
Bingung sampai akhirnya airmata itu menyelamatkanmu
Yap...airmata yang menyadarkanmu dari semua kegalauan yang ada
Setelah itu disusul dengan hirupan udara segar yang menjernihkan pikiran
Dan pertolongan terakhir yakni Senyuman
Senyuman yang membantumu menghadapi rumitnya perjalanan
Itulah mereka airmata, nafas dan senyuman yang membawamu dalam kebaikan

Pertanyaan Hati Seorang Yang Damai

Siang itu sepasang kaki melangkah keluar dari tempat yang sederhana
Tempat yang mengajarkan kehidupan dalam cinta dan kasih sayang
Kaki-kaki itu terus berjalan setapak demi setapak
Melalui kekayaan alam yang hijau juga coklat
Melalui bebauan segar yang terhampar luas
Menyegarkan pikiran dalam air yang sangat jernih
Memandang semua kehidupan dengan senyuman yang melegakan
Akh...damainya dunia ini!
Seru si empunya sepasang kaki tadi
Terdiam sejenak, suasana hening dan pikiran-pikiran itu mulai melonjak-lonjak
Akhirnya dia mulai bertanya,
Hai Maha Pencipta akankah kedamaian di muka bumi ini terselamatkan?

Thank's God

The earth and the plants
The sea and the beach
Love and heart
They all connected
Thanks GOD
for all you gave us as you're created
We hope YOU always give us the livelihood as the peace on this earth

my notes (Part 1)

Here's some of my notes for the last many years...hehehe

My Town (Bdg, 27.7.1998)
I saw my look out of the window
The night is over late, but the beautiful lamps in the town is very nice to look
Time after time I looking the shine of the lamps I feel silent
Beautiful!It's beautiful....
Like a bright shine of straight line which shine upon the dark in this world
Look!Look! At the lamp in the opposite even
Though you can pull it up
Just llok so your heart still calm
From this place I seem the bright shine which is beautiful
I feel very charmed like a strang panorama
Shine! Always shine like a bright of life
This is my town
My Beautiful town in the night

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Old AtmoSphere...

Campus, Whoaaa no1 ever thought that i'm gonna here again. After several years gone's by.."Spotlight Computer Rental"- the palce where I hangout with some old buddies who have fun with boyz chat while I amazed with the situation.
The wind of this campus, the road, the garbage which is spreading in every corner of the "Warung", the voice of children yelled up. The faces of old peoples I've ever meet & buy their products couple years ago.
Whoooo what a long day have been rolled....4 years ago.
seven peoples are created Loud Buzz right the moment i written this notes
After 4 yars i still can lookin' into "Ibu Gorengan" which i used to buy the snack.Wild cats who always sniffing the craps...Wowww...
That was me on unbelivable moment while enjoy the old atmosphere....

Dear God

(This community of words come to my mind several days ago, in midnite on July 8th 2k8. Just enjoy this...)

Is it him who always stick in my mind

Is it him who have some feelin' bout life

Is it him who always lookin' through out the window and thought "Dear GOD, is there anyone outside who have a thought like I did?"

Is it him who always pray "GOD wheteher someone out there for me juz make me to meet her with ur way"

Is it him who said "Come...Come...I would like to know you"

Dear GOD if it is him juz make the time through right coz we could be ONCE

ONCE in happiness, sadness, merry, interest, vission,mission, etc

ONCE to reach the life more better in the future

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yupiduuu here i'm again and still....
Still no picture at all, still not write my poet also which i intend to write since several days ago. Dunno why evrytime i open my own blog i always forget to bring my poet book. Hehehehe...
But i might write them on the next notes. This is the great Saturday i Spend after couple months didn't make the right time. Feel alive when saw lots of view out there, make connection with lots of people and hang arround...hahaha so foolish but feels good ;)

Friday, July 4, 2008


After years gone finally i'm back to the street. walking by my self looking arround the peoples,engines of public transportation, any kinda sales people, the wind, etc. Everything was united in one atmosphere of the city.
Nice...I loved it,even someday when u drove a car everything seems so sucks to have it in our memory.Hehehe...So I suggest you to walking out more than drive a transportation.So many things u can see and feel when u were in the street. Often u can appreciate what exist things in this planet and thanks God for through all of that.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ternyata warnanya gak se'hitam' yang dibayangkan, but it's fine coz i still like the page i already choosen. Here i'm while searching some data for my work, so much notes i wrote in my little notes that i'd be move to this blog,but i don't think it's gonna be now.

1st note

Long...long time ago i had one blog like this but it was ended. so now i'll try to make it ones new.
I choose this lay-out b'coz of read some article that black is the color which pretty 'Hemat' amongs the others color.
Now i'm sitting here just to figure it out how...Well it'slong time for me not ot get along with blog.So i'm gonna try this and try that.