Monday, November 28, 2016

Boneka Indonesia dan Pak Raden

Boneka boneka boneka. Boneka punya cerita sendiri untuk sebagian anak-anak Indonesia di sebagian Era. Boneka-boneka yang menghidupkan fantasi anak-anak dengan hidupnya. Sederet karakter sehari-hari yang menemani anak mengenali cerita -cerita legenda dengan cara yang sederhana. Dunia boneka yang satu ini seperti berbicara Heiii! "belajar itu mudah", "bercerita itu menyenangkan", "menyapa dan tersenyum", "mereka adalah kita di masa - masa tertentu". 😁 Apa ya? Unyil! Dan tokoh bijak bernama Pak Raden. Pak Raden yang rumahnya banyak tanaman, bu Raden yang gemar bersih - bersih. Pak Raden yang suka teriak kalau buah-buahan di tamannya diisengi (dan heiii masih banyak lagi tentang Pak Raden) 😁. Apa yang kamu ingat tentang Pak Raden kawan-kawan? Tokoh di balik Pak Raden yang juga seorang illustrator hebaaaat (^_^). Ada banyak pelajaran dari seorang Pak Raden. Terimakasih Pak Raden dan petuah-petuahnya. Semoga dunia boneka Indonesia bisa semelegenda tokoh mu. 😊😊😊.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Gold between Not much to say Be happy with your everyday sunshine 😊😊😊

Monday, November 21, 2016

Yuwhuu 🙌😁🙌

Haiii semua yang suka baca en ngikutin puisi 2 belu since long time ago. Yess since long time ago and still counting 😊. Akhirnya keluar juga kompilasi puisinya. Bisa kamu dapetin di Terimakasih untuk sentilan-sentilan semangat nulis dan buat publish nya. You guys rock! 💚💙💜💛 Selamat hunting dan baca , semoga mencerahkan 😊✌ ----------- Hai all to those following my words everywhere, this is the compilation of it. This one is contained of poems that I written in many years through many ways of people I met or feel the vibes of them on the way. For very long time people shout me to compile, then this is it. Its a time for born out all :). Its on POD system,you can reach this through To those people I wrote as an inspiration at the poem, thanks for the Hai! And Hello also the lessons 😊. Meet you when I meet you (everywhere) people. ---------- Keep PositivO, positive keep

Monday, November 7, 2016

Here,there and everywhere 😊

Hop here hop there. Step here step there, everyone just looking for the way to the aim. Which way is your decision only, also the result. Much things mixed up inside the brain and which one you wanna have in natural breathing. It's all in yourself. To be at some point is only you and you not engaged by others. This life, not everyone could understand it as an overall, anyway just not forget to HIM is the brighter that can light the way you hop or step and not steal. Be happy all, HIM miracles are everywhere. Don't push it up too much, this is a living that will driving everywhere within much stories inside. You can see much sightseeing from that little window from HIM brought to us, human being. The Majesty one and HIS miracles are the special space. Where space you are? I'm right here, there and everywhere in HIM space, the gracious one full of taste 😊✌. May the journey will bring you everywhere too. Don't forget to pray coz HE never sleep thou. Wherever you are just taking HIS hand, helpful so much. That's why life is so beautiful for sure. Never give up on goodness. Have a PositivO sights everywhere. 💙 💜 💚 💛 😇 💛 💙 💜 💚