Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crunchy crunchy times

Crunchy crunchy times
Flown Smooth to the air of an august
Where the crunch just poured by a chocolate that made all sweet
Crunchy crunchy times
Where it belongs
To those believed in Miracles
Crunchy crunchy times
YOU just made our bites of it in a fun way
Crunchy crunchy times
Thank you so dearest


Lalalala just a lil poet made fresh from the oven!
Baked it a while and taste it ^__^

have a blessing day everyone.

Bright Smile

Bright smile on last august.
Is there any miracle happened?
Humm seem Yess!
Something fun in noon time, companion with the warm of sun.
Delight time with whose exited so much with many colors of creativity idea things.
Delivered stories about some great projects, very funny to feel all and make hahaha hihihi time.
We'll see ... we'll see in the next step how's all goes ... May the merry always near ya. Lalalala ... belobeli it said (-__-"), this person completely in love with whole news came to (hahaha ... ).  Made the day full of smile time bomb.
So where the part of miracles just happen to you?
The part where the bright smile happened, that's one among, while the time not shown to have it before.
Smile is something luxurious i said so, not everyone can conducted it very well from the bottom of heart.

Saved by bright smile on last august, like somebody did show u colors u never been.
Thanks GOD to surround me always with them precious people.

Hey! May yours goes alright too in the last of august (^______^).
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Black Eagle

That black bird just flyin' smooth and gentle
Shown again after long nope
Not in the back yard, just met it in the middle on way home
Spin ... spin ... and spin ...
Black ... Black ... Black eagle how great to see it again
Whiiii ^_^

Do you have any good view today?
Wish you all have :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

august 22nd at Galeri Nasional Indonesia

22nd of august where am i? where am i?
This time i was in Jakarta to see an art exhibition from ceramic senior artist named F. Widyanto.  The title of it is Drupadi Pandawa Diva that held on Galeri Nasional Indonesia.  This is the 14th of his solo exhibition.
What i've got there? Well, I've seen 30 sculptures of beautiful woman called Drupadi.  Drupadi is pictured as an ideal proportion of a woman (white skin, great nose , long hair and have a great height too). So Perfect woman on earth i guess if it bring to the real life.  Btw, this Drupadi exhibition is a creation of F.Widyanto from the legend story of Mahabrata.  Not only Drupadi but there's another object to such as Dursasana and Semar also others ceramics that a form of flowers, dice, dragon, birds, frogs, deer and etc.  He was make some ceramic based in some points under the woman sculptures, it's interesting for sure and for those none seen that side mostly just stepping on it until some "clink" sounded - (hahaha).
Very interesting indeed to see his motifs on a material, seem like a real woman wears a real cloths. Awesome for this one. His waving lines absolutely smooth and very alive to the object he presentation about.  Just like u are there and face to face with the real Drupadi and make a contact with her.  Fabulous creation ^_^ . I said it is Garis Cantik :) .
Not only the sculptures, but there are some frames of Drupadi also those certificate about his creation at that exhibition for each Drupadi sculptures.  Great!  The guests of it opening exhibition were so enthusiastic as well.  I saw many beautiful ladies wore Kebaya as it night dresscode for the guest. Many of them get photographed near the sculptures they want to have a pose with :) . We are welcome to captured the object, so do I whether didn't bring the camera then I clicked some from the phone camera.  Not too many like the others taken, but pretty good enough to catch by your eyes and senses.  Wanna see some of Drupadi sculputure, well just see the pics below.

What a motifs! Garis Cantik i said so for every details he made of

Just see what a woman yeap! Drupadi in many varieties.  In every corner
we can find many actions of her based on
creation of F. Widyanto

By the way for those interesting to see this sculpture, you can hang-out to Galeri Nasional Indonesia at Building A it goes until august 30, 2013.

Click-clock with Marky Jahjali (^_^)
Before the exhibition started, there was a performance of Drupadi Puppet Show that  brought by an artist that also an actor and director named Marky Jahjali.  On that puppet , the guest were served by its introduction stories that divide into 4 parts.  He was represent performances in mixing Bunraku and Javanese Puppet married to the light system also the gamelan music that could lead audiences to the sphere they never been before.  For whole scenes that presented, Marky and team just did good project.  Most of the audience appreciated it creation very well.  Everybody just clapped their hand for it.  Congratz Marky! Just go ahead with another creation of yours too.

Coincidental meet my fave writer too,
Sundea from Salamatahari ^_^
Got bonus too there from HIM, on that nighty nighty time then met Salamatahari, hahaha then the nighty glowing itself trough the light of her. Lalala how happy I am pleased to meet her again after long nope ^_^.

btw, because it is orange color, just wanna put this below.
Sleby with an orange! not a fruit one but something fresh too ^_^, lalalala

an Orange!

Well, that's my lil tracks lately, may you all have find something good too outta.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blissful :)

from the 5th paragraphs of Incognita at it blog,
..."in the wall you will find nothing. in the mirror, you will find yourself. but in the window you will find whatever it is you seek." ...

however so ever ... what happen next ? just find thing from the window is a blissful
M for miracles in 22nd, thx dear GOD for it. :) Thx for the Tariks jabrig (hahaha jabrignya cuman tambahan x-D )

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friendship sphere at an Art Space :D

Many years friendship that always celebrate at this place in coincidental ways (hahaha ... very funny , coz never intend to , then happened).  Btw it was a place when best friend having her pre-wedding photo too couple years ago.  Where? just see some of corners of it place then u can recognized.  If it no - I'll let you all know later in the end of this one :).

There's a good exhibition held too there until august 25th, 2013.  An art exhibition of Takashi Kuribayashi . Its a quite interesting, one with simple topic that flowing smooth with his way.  By the way you can read more about Threshold / Ambang by clicking it.  For me ... that is a good idea to representative his work about the threshold ; spaces itself.  Glad , can be see that kinda project art :).

Now is the time for them corner(s) :D
There always one new point from it place that passed on last and be found then.  Here are them ^_^

three above are some point at the exhibition place, wanna know more about it
just read and come then when u've got a time.

Blueee! Green! Brown! and White!
in a bright day for sure :)

Just wanna captured that two lamps
in a line of loyalty :D

word sign that refers to the souvenir place

Just click for smile :D
So , how's the corner? been recognized that place right?
No! Oww ... its okay , just let you all know what is this place name then.
This is Selasar Sunaryo art space.
Well, well, well already told ya that just come where ever you want to.
Me just the one between many who likes to enjoy sometimes there.
May you all too, have Fun!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Senyum Merah Putih

Salam Merah Putih , Salam 68 tahun kemerdekaan republik Indonesia.
Tetap dalam tahap penyempurnaan di setiap aspek.
Salam merah putih semangat bangsa
Sematkan senyum selalu untuk negara

Merah Putih di Jiwamu
Merah Putih di Langkahmu

Salam senyum Merah Putih

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Salam Hormat pada seluruh pengibar bendera Merah Putih Indonesia

Salam hormat kepada seluruh pengibar bendera Merah Putih pada saat Kemerdekaan RI dikumandangkan pertama kali.
Merah Putih itu terlalu dalam maknanya untuk kita semua rakyat Indonesia (percaya!)
Salam Hormat untuk para pejuang di masa itu.
Meski perjuangan belum berakhir, semoga Merah Putih di bumi Indonesia akan menjadi semakin terang.
Dibubuki semangat berbangsa dan bernegara yang kuat, membudayakan santun, hidup dengan cara-cara yang beradab .  Didekatkan pada terjangan-terjangan positif .
Catatan ini tak hanya dibuat bagi para pengibar bendera Merah Putih saat jaman awal Kemerdekaan RI saja, tapi juga untuk para petugas pengibar bendera Merah Putih dimanapun saat mengerek dan mengibarkannya nanti di waktu upacara (baik upacara resmi kenegaraan ataupun upacara di sekolah) .

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

just berbunyi

ada org yang banyak menoleh ke catatan yang lewat ya ... mungkin krn banyak melewatkan momen.   semoga di catatan yg lampau ada guna  buat si pembaca (siapapun itu) - termasuk diri sendiri *lupa momen hahaha x-))))
tahun ini gak banyak yang bisa dilempar dalam keseruan sana-sini.
catatan lewat , hari bergulir, pengalaman ikut menggelinding sampai nanti membuat cerita ceria yang baru.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Renungan Subuh

Tentang Mendengar,

Renungan ini baru saja terbesit di kala seorang ibu menginformasikan banyaknya suara anjing semalam tadi.
Si anak mengiyakan informasi dari ibunya karena ia pun mendengarkan suara anjing yang sibuk semalaman.  Anjing-anjing menyalak itu berarti pertanda sesuatu, mereka gelisah akan sesuatu yang tidak biasa.  Perihalnya bisa berbagai macam hal, namun kalau sudah edisi menuju hari raya, fenomena yang muncul adalah terjadinya kejahatan di sekitar , naudzubillah himindzalik sih, namun begitulah yang biasa terjadi.

Dari informasi tadi, si anak sadar bahwasanya kita semua mahlukNYA sebenarnya saling mendengar dan menjaga.  Tak melulu manusia yang ingin dijaga oleh manusia, namun hewan dan tumbuhan pun menjaga manusia.  Diakui saja bahwa kita manusia ini sering sekali hidup secara sewenang-wenang.  Ingin ini ingin itu tapi tak memikirkan kehidupan dan penghidupan di sekitar. Kalau saja anjing menyalak , angsa berseru, kucing mengeong ,tetumbuhan senantiasa memberikan penghidupan bagi kebutuhan manusia, mengapa pula manusianya terlihat sangat rakus?  Ingin semuanya .

Di dunia sekarang, istilah rantai makanan yang dulu seringkali digembor-gemborkan nampak tenggelam entah kemana.  Rantai makanannya berkembang ke arah-arah dimana manusia memburu manusia lainnya untuk dimusnahkan.  Apakah itu cara terbaik menjaga kehidupan ini?  Apakah tak terpikirkan bahwa manusia sekedar transit di dunia? Apakah pemusnah tak pernah mengingat bagaimana mereka ada di dalam bola dunia ini? 

Kelahiran itu membawa penghidupan bagi semua mahluk ciptaanNYA, tapi mengapa saling merusak?
Sudah lupakah kalian mengenai alam raya ini?  Tidak semua yang berada di dalamnya adalah kehidupan manusia.  Lihatlah sekitarmu, ada banyak yang memerlukan penjagaan biar bumi tetap berdiri tegak dan seimbang.  Air, tanah, udara, panas semuanya berkesinambungan.  Satu lumpuh ... ya kalian lihat saja apa yang terjadi kemudian.  Jangan lalu menyalahkan si alam, lihatlah ke dalam dirimu sendiri.  Apa kita sudah mendengar alam di sekitar?

Ini hanyalah sekedar renungan diantara banyak, semoga kita semua termasuk orang-orang yang berpikir dan bisa melakukan hal-hal yang menyelamatkan kehidupan di dunia.

KepadaMu Ya Allah , 
Aku yang kecil ini bukanlah mahluk yang sempurna tanpa kelengkapan dan fasilitas penghidupan yang Engkau berikan pada kami.  Ya Allah, ingin sekali mengatakan ini sebagai manusia yang manusia : 
"Rabbigfirli - ampuni aku , Warhamni - sayangi aku , Wajburni - cukupi kekuranganku , Warfa'ni - tinggikan derajatku , Wardzuqni - beri aku rejeki , Wahdini - tunjuki aku , Wa'afini - sehatkan aku , Wa'fu'anni - maafkan aku."

"A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step" - Lao Tzu
" The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything" - Unknown

Mendengar pemikiran ini, bukan main rasanya membuat kita yang sering melewati hal-hal kecil menjadi teringat betapa sayangnya Tuhan pada seluruh umatnya.  Mengapa kita lupa siapa yang menciptakan dunia ini?  
Merasa beruntung di hari ini bisa mendapatkan pemikiran baru yang sederhana dan mengena.  Semoga kita masih tergolong orang-orang yang selalu diberikan petunjukNYA, amiin ya rabb.
Merasa diingatkan ketika melupa, 

PS : hey ada orang yang suka membuka judul-judul di blog ini ketika saya sedang melupa.  Untuk orang itu siapapun dia, terimakasih ya ^____^  .

captured things :D :d -- yumm

Lovely frame i'd like to see when i have to see it again (hahaha)

Corat-coret saja :)

Smile as always everywhere x-P

Lovely moments for us when worn our Kebaya then click :D
(jarang2 iniii ...)

Old and sweet and I
Where is it?
Yogyakarta sajooo
Named Casa Mia

Wayang kayu yg akhirnya dimainin juga sama krucilllzz

Jajanan Pasar ini suer yummy! Few of of our traditional food named
Kue Bika-Ambon (yellow), Nagasari (the one on green leave), small klapertaart
and kue lapis (the one with 3 colors)

Hahaha look at to this one
woff so yumm yumm
where u can get this?
a lil place called Yuky Peincake

Forget the titled of this painting, Great Touch eh, I like this
feel so grateful can see this one made by
a painter named Sys Paindow :D

Tahuu goreng - the ordinary fried tofu in simple package
haha for those remember
u will shout this place
Kedai Teko!
Yes it is :)

Kepompong menclok di halaman dan menghabiskan tetumbuhan di taman


Prakarya :D

Waktunya bermain Legooooo

This one is delicious for real! Its a brocolli cheese cream soup that
used a bread as the soup bowl.
Food Gallery, Setiabudhi Supermarket
Bandung -- Indonesia

Friday, August 2, 2013

Clicking Time (again)

Clicking! Clicking! Clicking Time
Gee how much i loved to do this Captured Object Behind The Lens

1st captured frame when i was arrived at room
lovely night, right?

The mime things in the park, pretty interesting to see
them in role-play. :)

Hohoho somebody just worn gold. Kinda "gemes buat nyolek mas yang satu ini" - hahaha
sempet ditiup-tiup dan gak bergeming LOL!

Eeeeh ada temennya ternyatooo! - Pose bareng aaah xixixixi

Night and the tower - glowing in the dark

A space where i can click this corner of colors
like it :D

Seeing the orange! Goodie goodie eyes,
thx Lord i could get this corner
yiiipppiiiii ^_^

Yellow and Green ! What a Freshen things, made the hottest time
became Okay.  Manggo manggo things u just made my time
sparkled :D

Looking downspace !

hehe just tryin' another view angle and feel glad to post this one
at this way
Hehehe how's ... how's .... how's that , pretty enough in re-fresh our eyes and mind right. lalalala love it. hmm seem there's a last i will posting here.

The downspace in color! - yes there were a life music concert when i captured
this one.  Good looking indeed :) 
Hehehe wonderful and time said to me to enjoy and get relax.  Do you interesting to have that view too? Well you can googling it at Pullman, Jakarta Central Park, Indonesia.  May you all get the good view as I am. Happy holiday :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August ... august ... m - miracle!

august...august ...august arriving!
yippiii agustus ramai penuh-penuh kayak kereta api.
semua yang bakalan berjaya di ibukota.
tadaaa august august august arriving!
lets sliding into that place then
full of cheers
by the way - hey universe conspiracy, just known that u are all making a shadow of my activities
just let you know all that the Majesty already making humans in a great way .. we are human, never know what tomorrow will bring. Present is only personal and HIM way, so when it turn to many ways never ever being shocked about.  Voila!

Happy august full of shocking soda!
Blup blup blup
Tadadada tidididi
Twink Twink
\(^___^) -----o Fly!o----- (^___*)/