Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green is you

I saw green today

Not only from Kebaya and Stone necklace that i wore couple hours ago.

But from the wedding place, it's garden party under the blue sky. Very sweet indeed companion by light music from the wedding singer. The band was well performed, great.

So simply
And felt so funny coz all there was like your smile
Light, bright and nice to look at :)
Comfy too

Ending to Start

ending here again .. is waiting to grab with fun and cheers outside.
flattering by laugh, music, words. hooo what a wonderful time (^_^)

Looking a crunchy stuffs or other
Feeling crisp
Cherishing every second in one last day of May, before it turn to June.

Classic, Hiphop, Brit, R&B, Pop, Roc n Roll, Metal, etc etc let's hit the ground.

Bye now May and c ya all on June

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Party part of life

This weekend is labeling as "party to party".

GOD! very crowded with party and more scheduled action in spend holiday.
The good news from party in Saturday, that I could seen that traditional dance again after years.
It called "Tari Merak", version Classic Sundanese - traditional dance of Indonesia.

Used to be when I was teenager, I'm performing Classic Sundanese dance.
Dance is one of my soul since I was kid. But I just do traditional dance.
While Ballet and Modern dance became my literate education someday when there's a good mood to move.

What else,...
O yeah since I used to be a dancer so it will be lovely to enjoy Gamelan music too.
Coz mostly a dance that I performed were companion by it kinda music.
Feels so united with nature when did it :) ... awesome!

Let's back to nowadays,

Tomorrow is another party held, my best friend wedding.
So I'll breaking that big box and do some fashion exchange to get know well dress that 'll be wear aw aw ;p
And it was the turn of Green Kebaya that will be mixing up with semi-batik dress, add by green stone necklace.Huuu! Green just save my time tomorrow (^_^)/
May there's a green views too - hahahaha , (LOL!) or green drink too...

Well end here yaaa.I gotta go now...catch u later


free to decide
free to jump
free to fly
free to step
free to go

where ever i want to
with or without

until the good sign come in pleasure way

I'm Free in every subject of life


Liberty Here I come.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Morning Song

Golden leaves ! Golden leaves!
What a pretty motion in the morning show. They are making noise by a friction between each other and helping by wind too.
Other sound are coming ... they are sing a long in good symphony. Hahahaha yes! a group of bird are chirping like usually they do every morning.

They are all out in singing LOVE song for world.
Gratitude is there too everyday when I just enjoying their songs.

Lovely to have it infront of ur day.
May GOD bless us always, amin \(^0^)/

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank You GOD \(^_^)/

To be that place wasn't my plan for long time. But something must happen so just happen right?
Yes it's happened coz I've some obligation to end. It took way long from the schedule (LOL!), yeap since I couldn't make a move to that place coz of several things.
But it's end and I'm feel glad to do it.


That was bring me some cherish to continue my journey on written world.
To have great feelings when inhaler those air is fixing my brain.
I found the spirit that almost dead rather - dunno why :).
However THAT'S A GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THOSE PATIENT. Yeap somebody told me this and it's lovely.

CongratUlation Mutia :)

Woww the news I heard recently from Mira was surprising me. Finally friend u are going to take that ticket. To up-rise with new engine to the road full of expression from two heads.
Long journey indeed, and u are end it dot.

After Yaya for the 1st then Irwan that goes to Novi then Mira.
Haa! Finally this is yours.
At the end of May.

So I'd like to appreciate it with well too my friend...Happy and Cherish for both of you.
Can't wait to see u on that show motion.
Hooo love it for everything just happening to you.
May Allah SWT bless u both with those new journey yaa. amin!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Its starting from and goes to :...

New York
San Fransisco

and will be back to the 1st point.
wewww...its all are friend of mine.
Dear you who'll be in those point just be careful okay.
Fun, easy , hard, full of emotion too...but as long as u remember what already passed...i just know u can stand for all test. (^_^)
I'm praying for it too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Once upon a time I wrote this, but dunno from where I got them in mind. Let's check it out - they all wrote the last 2 year:

"I don't mind if u don't mind, I don't shine if you don't shine...before you jump tell me what you find..when you read my mind!"
(humm kinda familiar with this sentence..??)

"The magic is out there. Between the deep forest, mountain, skies, stars and people hearts. Just catch it if you can".
(well same case with this one..??)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My sketches (Part two)

"Welcome 2003"
Meet someone in the future that is having same beat for enjoy the world.
He'll be my precious life for very long time, full of joy and love

"Under The Rainbow"
Both are strong and love the colors of life
Smelling a freedom and take care for each  other in a private way
are coming from the land that fullest of gold and silver also trees and flowers
with the calming water and wind
where ever they flow
Magic, Miracles and Love will be a true fellowship
that handed by HIM.
When genuine met unique, both are grant!

"The Lake"
Finally after so long separation, there are blessing way to feel whole spheres
and thankful for it time to HIM
Holding each other hand til later :)
"She (1)"
She, who is starring somewhere corner to get knowing whose heart beat
that always connected since long time ago
She , who is believing for every Miracles He given by
She, who is faithful one
and wonderful
Still somewhere and waiting for the unison time
for harmony and symphony
in love and life

And here again some other picture I drawn.

My sketches

Man from Southern

Balerina Lady

Somewhere (1)

Somebody (1)


Well that are several of mine. I was drawing them when there are quite moment.
Just for fun.
Enjoy them then :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue , White and Yellow Birds

What a beautiful day I had here on my place.
The weather looks very bright and birds chirping almost all day long. They seem very happy.
I heard new voice backyard, new bird I guess, coz never hear it before.

Then my mum told me, "Hey there's a bird last morning, it's orange - yellow and so beautiful".

"O yeah mum! That's nice, where's the bird now?"

"Hohoho it was flying when ur father wanna click it".

(Not long after that, that new voice back again and I took a look outta window and saw it!)

"O My GOD, beautiful one GBU little bird...ur color is so enchanting me this morning">
Like it so much :).

Then I saw another lil space at corner and found the little white bird flying too. It is flying with smooth and gentle. So Cool!

And the last was few second ago ,when I saw the blue bird standing still on Bamboos before he is flying too.

Incredible day today GOD, like in the middle of somewhere full of friend from the sky.
Mother of Sun is coming with softly too.
Everything seem smile, like there is an extravagant person will coming with new spirit and smile for world. A Savior yes a savior who'll be the great person. ^_^

Today is meaningful to me coz this situation like a re-birth of special event.
Pure like a baby and sparkling like an ancient diamond.

Here, in my room the light is coming from everywhere and Mrs Sun is smiling with warm.
Best regards to you to Mrs Sun from the bottom of my heart :D
My GOD so LOVE this moment for sure.

Feels like at secret place that giving me a light.
Like a treasury box here...blink, sparkling, etc.
Full of magics and miracles.
Humm and I Smile for it too ^_^
Very peace.

Thanks a lot for Your sharing today GOD. So wonderful for me \(*_*)/
Great energy is around me now.
Feel very great...never feel like this before.

"When one Old gone in peace, so there will be another New will coming and make the better life for tomorrow".

(Whoooo it feel so strong enough...thanks for coming and say hai to me ^_^)
LOVE you all...patient there must be a right moment for us to meet.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2 yellow butterflies

...and they were dancing in paradise...


only both of them

chattering around their journey

between the tree under warm day

hide and seek

with laughing

looking very happy for it's trip

dear lovely yellow butterflies may your days fully bless by HIM

and your journey are the welcome one

Amiin :)


Someday in the past (yes a long long time ago .. can't remember correctly the years but it's happened). There's a chat session between me and friends and the topic was
What is the meaning "V" for you?

Funny question huh? never talked about V matter before, have you?

So i answered it :
V are ...

V neck
...very very short pants... LoL! ;p
V for ...

Last at not least
In present time it refers to several of my pal names
It's including you there who likes smiling

By then :D

New Circle

Nu circle is starting make
Fulfill with tons of happiness, bright light, love and caring
Spreading all smile for world created by them
To warm every heart need it
Since today to tomorrow

GOD bless you all little fellow
May HE guard you all always

Let's fly now and on
Meeting me at borderline

See ya
Have fun with nu challenges

North Morning story

North wind
North season
North symphony
North star
North village
North reside
Where do you live now?
North of ... city

North country calling
for a lady who's locking for long long time in far land
coming back lady
coz the prince already searching for you in a long long journey

I will come I will come when there's another calling
From the prince
Where is he now?
Why he isn't coming yet while I've wait for him in a long long time too?

Hohoho dear lady,
He must be in any kinda hectic time to find ya
And that's for real not surreal
However he still searching on you
Sniffing here and sniffing there

Until what?
Can you specify what u want to tell me?

Until ... humm .. the sign arrived on uncoincidence

Sign eh?
Pff ... sign ... north ...
Is the word NORTH is my sign to him too

Hehehe probably lady
Okay then, I'll sent some sign to him now
That u are waiting for him coming down rightly to pick u up
And gone to the North sire together

Okay then
See you somewhere again


Finally I could see you stand there on a perfect costume you wore last Saturday.
You look so pretty well with your simple smile that always sticky in your face day by day.
However the smile u did last Saturday have a different symphony than usually I saw.
It's kinda happiness, brightly and crunchy one mixed altogether in gold motion of life.

Dear pal wish u the best for every lil things happen in your next level of life yeap.
Welcome to nu journey with your lovely husband :) . GOD bless u both.

Amin ^_^

Monday, May 10, 2010

Glass on Her Eyes

Noon and somebody was knocking my room.
Well it's my mum...

"Guess what darling?"

"I don't know mum...what?"

"It's my home when I was a child...gone dear...flat now, it'll be a Bank of RRC building there"

(meanwhile listening to her, i captured something on her beautiful face. Something like a glass...speechless for a while then i cut her lines before the glass broken)

"Yes mum...I heard that before. You must be feel sad about it yeap? even it was sold out since over years".

"Yes darling, coz there's my childhood begin. House of lots memory and history".

"Humm yes mum I've got ur feeling".

(and she turn back and walked away).

Humm even for the house that already Sold since a long long time ago still be the 1st place of our memory.
Everything step in the 1st must be sticky yeap ... but life is flowing, we can't freeze it just for our self.
Dear GOD, let mum having a brave step for the 1st time in blowing all while keeping it in her mind with lovely way of hers.

On this mother day...I just wanna say whatever u already through in life mum...I'll prying u always. LOVE YOU FOREVER ^_^.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 little angel

Whiii time is showing 2.22 am and can't sleep well.
I remember of my 3 lil angels - sister's son n daughter. They are Andrey, Freideline and Lui...Seem the three of them miss me too ;p. Huff yeap both of us are connecting each other since they were still inside their mommy tummies.
Yess I always talked with them while inside even juz for say hello and lil speech. They were liking when I told them story in other languanges beside Indonesian. Nice eh :)
Huuu GOD may they become something great in the future ya, so mine too someday ^_^.
Amien .
GOD bless the three of u yaa :)

Surabaya Journey ( House of Sampoerna Museum) - 2010

Here I am with some stories of Surabaya. This isn't new trip ... actually already saved on my drafts for few months and neglected. Hahaha but it's okay, now is their turn show :p LOL!

There's a lil time for us when went to that place. On that beautiful day we juz joy the weather in lovely way. We were go somewhere called House of Sampoerna = the museum of the famous cigarettes on Indonesia. Just take a look then :
the 1st room where u can see various of Cengkeh 

hey! there's a stamp reside too :p

looking at some printing machine for making cigarrette 

another ancient machine

between 2 rooms :)

Wow really like this old , just like my grandma had!
So Nice!!

Under their Brand (^_^)

 Full ur stomach here after go around, they've got interest
architect style of building. Also the menu :d

In front of museum :D

Not only to museum, but there's a kinda ceremonial I presented there with unintentional. But from them I was learning new culture. Thank you all (^_^)

with friends - nice to meet ya all

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Noon and Rainbow, what a Bless

May 5 th 2010

This is the special day for me ... why?
Simple ... today in noon I saw a rainbow upper the roof of my home.
I wasn't looking clearly before because too busy looked up for some info at internet.
Then I was playin' around a moment to strecth from screen. Jump out and saw it.
Silent come sooner, my eyes really focused on them. WOWWW!
It's been a long time never see it and today they really arrival up our roof. NICE and Thanks GOD for seen it. ^_^
Yes that's a world sign, somehow I taken it as a miracle who come to those patient and believing something.
Again , it felt that GOD were on next to you enjoy that moment.
GOD bless ^_^

Monday, May 3, 2010

When Love Is Coming for Real

Love is coming for real, no more doubtful or else again.
It's been more than 4 weeks since that words came out exact new years eve.
So that's the wasn't on the way again.
But love is here, still stand with patient waiting just consume for you dear.
This is the way ...
So where ever you are , you know where to find it

Sunday, May 2, 2010


What's going on?

There were several things happen lately, a happy time, flat, unpredictable, also shocking. And it was happening in two weeks without break hours.
And I was in the dot where must to do right deceison in life.
Yes I'm happy with every GOD bless the way I am now.
Yes the show must go on, but something awakening me after my friend dead.
Since I worked with him on pretty long enough time, he always told me to up in the next level of life. Which is marriage things...
Something that is on my mind but not to worry about.

But everything is turn light now, why he always say that. He wasn't old enough for die, but the fact that he already gone now made me realize that life must be going in balance way. Everyone need to become a couples. Weww...

I'm awakening now, so I wanna trying to do my way to it dot. Yet it something heavy, I'll try as best I can do. To have a balance way and get new perspective of life.

So GOD I'm praying for it. Give me a courage to beat all the try outs YOU fit in me, that's everything gonna be satisfy on clear seeing.
Amiin :)