Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Passing Day

Passing Day still running, lots of action and reaction include to that all things.
Mad, happy, brave, scare, smiling, crying, loving and hating people must be one of that passing and happening always.
One day in life you have might have some sentimental thought. When it happened you really get crushin' into so that every words that your pal told isn't in right place. There...somewhere inside you something "tring..tring.." bright in nicest way, adding your purpose about how does the life continue.
That's part of life that give you a passion in doing everything in high mode.
We want life in liberate even still in some social value. Yes dear, there still a value too so you can manage in well way.
Value that include in that sentimental thought which bring you still stand out in every moment of your life.
Passing day already but the moment to get the better life and greater future still in our hand. So don't be the passing day just a passed but learn from it. What else still wrong or less in life...perhaps we can share to somebody else and make some touchy so that life will be meaningful than before.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Grey

Huff Monday is supposed to be bright but today wasn't bright enough.
Yes, the birds sing a song last morning in a brave melody...but still this noon isn't happy as last morning.
The Sun hiding and everything seems so GREY...woff unexpected day.
The birds stopped singing already since 12 o'clock, now the situation become quite than before.
It might be raining outside in couple hours from now...well I don't know either but i don't like this time.
Make you sick to think about everything you like.
What a weird movement even there's still tic...toc and ding..dong that always stand up in the corner to shout out the time.
Slow ... very slow ... nope to slow for today doing anything you want. Very unexcited moment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This June

Whoaaaa June already rollings to the middle dates...
This month coming with the sound of nature everywhere.
Make my heart calm, happy, etc. anything mix on it months...
On this june all birds always sing a song in the morning above my window...
Singing the melody from their heart about the days.
They chatting is fully of smiley topics too, their doing some acrobatic action sometimes.
Made me having smile in generally moments...
What a day...they are very funny creatures :)

This June i feel missed someone too...Dunno why but it happening
Might be the atmosphere bring that kinda feeling to me after several moment can't see all clearly
Whofff that feeling showing with some fearness too. Wow what this is all about?
Why I'm happy with something but feel scare too?

Uuugh GOD i juz wanna share this all panorama with it silhouette someday.
Yeap when we are meant to be together someday...
Hope so...

Well, i think i wanna take a breath and feel the air in enjoy
So see you all next time in my big day that'll be held within 2 weeks from now :)