Friday, March 20, 2009

When I Fallin In Love....

Me? Perhaps...But not clear too.
That Title i took from the song i was listening into at the office, while waiting for confirmation about script i made...
Mmm i was looking up for the sir whose taking care of that kinda stuff,but i couldn't find him yet.
Then i just sitting in front of this computer and seeing Keanu on block.
And the memory goes to Lake House movie, where he was a main actor on that movie. Played with the funny one Sandra Bullock.
I remember the landscape of that house, the freshen air in autumn. The whitey in snowy, the hangout moment.
Love without seeing i called that moment. Impossible but enchanting always...hehehe
done here! the song rolling into another Beat.
so am gonna change ma beat too
Adios amigos!!!!


Counting the day?
Counting the seconds?
Counting the memories?
Counting the like and dislike?
Counting the words?
Counting peoples?
Counting panorama?
Counting the money?
Counting seasons?
Counting books?
Counting faces?
Counting and counting
In every corner of adventure
There's so many...uncountable things flying in mind
Without spelling out
Only in thought
And it'll be out loud somewhere beyond the sea
When we are in face to face mode.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


What Kinda history we would like to know now?
Hehehe ... just a little bit about this blog name.

I was sitting arround to create some names for my own blog. Then i thought hey what about my name? then i arranged it to the paper, it's took a long time to agree. but the last not agreement was showing, it's disagreement.
I intend to make it something unusual name but will keeping in the long time, till i death perhaps ;0). I did a lot of hang out from my home just for finding new name for this site, what a life huh?! if it spell out in my language will be said like this, "Niat banget deh lo!"
Hehehe what could I say, but that's for sake ;p.
Then I met old and new friends who'd been asked about my nickname. Why this and why that. I never recognize about it before. Until that moment came, the day where i made a decision to use this name. It's called BeluBelloBelle, Belu is my nickname since the last 12 years, Bello is given by my pal in 2002 and from the discussion about the meaning of it in last 2008, Belle is one of my shout out from my best friend Yona ;) . Oh yeah the meaning of it is Belu the tomboy one but beautiful also ( Belu si anak tomboy tapi cantik).
So guys and gals thank's for inspiring me so far...May GOD bless you all . Adios Amigos Fella ;0)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Coming March

March coming March a marching band dum durudumdumdumdumdum
There are lots of sounds
Poke here poke there
So fun...
March coming March coming and the day goes with fast
Rolling in the round round table
March coming March coming lots of stuff have to do
So we have to prepare for the one who going to come next
Woff ;)